Portable Vs. In-Ground Basketball Hoops – Everything You Need to Know

John Lochert


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Basketball is one of the most renowned and exciting sports in today’s world. It has gained enough popularity since its invention in 1891. Now it is an international sport with participation from almost every country around the world. 

It is also popular among the local educational institutions and different sports clubs. Basketball courts can be seen in some home backyards and streets around the world.

The reason behind the popularity of basketball is, it is fast-paced and full of excitement and lots of scoring. One of the vital accessories of basketball is the hoop.

Typical basketball rims are made using high tensile carbon steel. The basketball hoop or ring (the part where you aim to throw the ball in) is made from about 5/8″ diameter solid steel rod. 

Now, if you are a beginner and don’t know much about basketball stuff, then we are here to help you. Let’s see it.

Different kinds of Basketball Hoops

Generally, a basketball hoop is determined according to one’s needs. Before buying a basketball system, you need to consider some critical issues. 

Choosing a perfect basketball hoop leads you to a lot of joyful evenings spent with your family by shooting basketballs. You must make sure it fulfills all your needs and matches your expectations. 

There are mainly two kinds of hoop available in the market. One is in-ground hoops, and another is portable hoops. 

In-Ground Hoops

By the name, maybe already, you understood that it’s related to the ground or connected with the ground directly. 

So, In-ground basketball hoops have evolved from wooden backboards to glass backboards. These are chosen on the basis of budget, desired durability, and nature of games. 

These are also not frequently moveable. To install the in-ground basketball hoops, it requires a lot of tools. Mainly they are installed with an anchor system that allows you the flexibility to unbolt a screw and relocate the hoop when you change home. 

In-ground basketball hoops are perfect for large drive away or designated courts. 

Portable Basketball Hoops 

We all know what portable means. These basketball hoops are usually moveable and unstable. It has a large plastic base with wheels attached to it, which is used for rolling. 

Portable basketball hoops are weighted by sand and water in their plastic base, so they don’t need in-ground installation. It is true that they are moveable, but they can be cumbersome and hard to move.

Here are some significant characteristics of both the hoops:

In-Ground Basketball Hoops 

  • It cannot be easily moved as it is fixed with an anchor in the ground.
  • It takes a very long time to install.
  • Requires a lot of tools 
  • Expensive because it is built with high-quality materials.
  • It is made of tempered glass mainly
  • Quality is much better, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Hardly gets damaged quickly.
  • Last longer.
  • It is much more stable as it is fixed with the ground with concrete.
  • It is more durable. 

Portable Basketball Hoops

  • It can be moved effortlessly as it has a wheel beneath it.
  • In-ground installation is not required, and it does not take much time to install it. 
  • Does not require a lot of tools.
  • It is not that expensive as it is built with cheap materials.
  • It is made of plastic backboard.
  • Portable Basketball Hoops comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • It can get damaged easily.
  • The life span is roughly between 2 to 5 years.
  • It is not stable as it is not fixed with the ground. So it has a chance of tipping or falling over.
  • It is less durable.

By analyzing these characteristics among both the basketball hoops, you can now clearly understand the differences between both of them. 

To select the perfect basketball hoops, you need to think about these issues: 

1. Budget: The quality of your hoop depends on the amount of budget you have for buying it. It is better to buy a good quality hoop, which will last for a long time rather than a cheap one with a short span of time.

2. Location: Once you are done with your budget, you must know where to set up the hoop. If your ground is in your own home territory and also big, then you should go for an in-ground hoop. Even if you live in a rental house and you have to change your house frequently for a job or another particular reason, then you must buy a portable hoop. A portable hoop is easy to move from one place to another rather than the in-ground hoop.

3. Frequency of use: The two parts that are most heavily used and usually the first to fail on a basketball goal are the backboard and rim. The backboard is one of the most expensive parts of the basketball hoop. So you must make sure you buy the right quality one. 

4. Height of Adjustability: No matter what the age of the player is, it’s better to buy a hoop with adjustability. Then anyone can easily adjust the goal to the perfect height.

After your own consideration now think about which basketball hoop will be better for you. If you want to buy a portable basketball hoop, you need to consider the following issues. 

  • Durability 
  • Range of Adjustability
  • Ease of Portability 
  • Quality 

For In-ground basketball hoop,

  • Protection
  • Overhang
  • Pole
  • Installation
  • Backboards and Rims

At this point, you might have already realized which basketball hoop you should buy. Now we will discuss samples of basketball hoops you may want to buy.

  • Spalding 60-Inch Portable Basketball
  • Spalding NBA In-ground Basketball System
  • Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop
  • Pro Dunk Hercules
  • Lifetime 52” Portable Basketball Hoop

Final words

The main motive of the above discussion is to find the perfect hoop for you. You must keep a clear mindset about your requirements for a basketball hoop. 

The selection of an ideal basketball hoop brings both happiness and mental satisfaction for the player. As it brings joy for the players, so proper investment of time and money is essential while buying it. 

Remember, the perfect hoops not only bring happiness for the player. It also motivates him to play better every day.

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