How to Take Care of Your Soccer Ball Following 6 Simple Steps

John Lochert


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A soccer game is nothing without a good soccer ball. A good quality ball may help you practice with better accuracy of the shoot and make you way more confident than you could ever imagine. To gain all these, you need to take care of your soccer ball, and using a ball with great care, may last over a year. Here, I’m writing down some tips to take care of your soccer ball, and hopefully, these will help you out.

6 Simple Steps to Maintain and Take Care of a Soccer Ball

1. Inflating the ball

While playing soccer, the ball air has to be in proper ratio and pressure. Over-pressure may occur into bursting or create any leakage. You have to use a needle to inflate the ball, but it’s better not to use it directly. You can use any slippery fluid like oil, or lubricant. You can use mineral oils or silicone spray as well, and these will keep your air soccer ball’s air valve safe.

Every soccer ball has a recommended pressure, and most of the time, you will find the suggested pressure for a soccer ball at the right part of the ball.

2. Deflating the ball

Whenever you take a break from playing soccer, you can deflate the ball. This process will help you to keep your ball away from sudden bursting. You can use the same needle to reduce, which one you use to inflate. In this way, your ball will soften, and the ball releases the excess pressure. 

3. Play on the suitable surface

Playing on natural grass is always preferable to artificial surfaces. Soccer balls don’t get damaged easily, and there’s a lot less chance of injury on natural grass than the artificial turf. 

If you continuously play with a soccer ball on a hard surface like a road, floor, etc., your soccer ball will get damaged within a few days. So, it’s always a better option to play on grass fields; in this way, you can play with a ball for a longer time for sure. 

4. Not to sit or stand on the ball

Most of the players can’t control themselves from sitting and standing on the ball. This activity changes the shape and longevity of a ball to a great extent. Standing or sitting on the ball is not safe for you as well. You may break your leg, hand, or a bone of your body by falling. Not only to keep the ball safe, but you must also forbear yourself from this kind of activity to keep yourself safe.

5. Not to use wall frequently

Wall can be used as quite a great partner while playing or practicing solo. But in this case, you have to keep an eye while practicing; kicking the ball repeatedly against the wall may shorten your soccer ball’s longevity. The more force you will apply to your ball, the same amount of pressure the wall will create on your soccer ball. So, you should select a rebounder or any friend as a practice partner rather than choosing a wall.

6. Clean your soccer ball regularly

Soccer ball and dirt have an irresistible relationship, and that’s why you should always try to find a clean surface for playing soccer. But it’s not always possible to find a suitable space or texture of field, and that’s why you can follow some cleaning procedures after returning home. 

  • Take liquid soap and water in a bowl or container. The ratio should be 1:1, which means one tablespoon of soap in a gallon of water. 
  • Use a wet towel or cloth and gently rub the surface of the soccer ball.
  • Then rinse the soccer ball with clean water.
  • Repeat the whole process until the mud is gone. 
  • Then keep the soccer ball aside to air dry. 

It would be best if you tried to keep the water pressure low while washing because high water pressure may slightly change the ball’s regular structure. 

Final words

All the tips and processes mentioned above may help you to take care of your soccer ball. These methods will increase the playability of the ball and also help you to maintain a regular take care routine for your soccer ball. So, if you are tired of buying soccer balls repeatedly, then I would suggest you take care by following the above methods; your soccer ball will last longer than regular times. 

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