How to Put a Basketball Net on a Hoop? – Tips & Tricks

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If you play basketball regularly, you know how much importance the basketball net has for playing smoothly. Though some people prefer it to play without a net on, you can check that no professional player plays without one.

Basketball hoop with net creates a special effect which you can understand if you play without a net.

Now coming to the effect, the net slows down the ball’s velocity, so it falls to the floor instead of bouncing out of the hoop. The sound of falling a ball through the net is delightful.

Some may say that still it can be played without a net but just think about it that football is being played without a net so there will be a constant argument that if the goals were scored or not. So for confirming that the ball went through the rim, we need a net on the hoop.

A basketball net is also essential to prevent injuries. When a ball bounces out of a hoop without a net, it may smack someone’s face. But when it passes through the net, then it falls slowly.

Sometimes the net controls the direction of the ball. When the ball slows down, then it doesn’t bounce far, so it lands in the same general area.

Mostly we use nylon nets on a hoop, but it gets torn fast if you are a sharpshooter, or sometimes maybe it won’t be torn out, but it might get dirty so if you want your basketball court to look like a new one and have a smooth performance, then you need to change the net frequently. Putting a net on a hoop may seem easy, but you will understand the effort once you get to do it.

If you are practicing for school tournaments or trying to get into a club, you need to know how to put on a net, and also, you need to have the practice to play with a net on. When you play without a net on, then you may feel like something is missing in your sessions.

So, maybe you want to change your net but don’t know how to do it?
Don’t worry! We are here to save you with some easy steps. You just need to follow them properly, and then your basketball court is ready to roll.

5 Easy Steps to Put a Basketball Net on a Hoop

Step 1

First of all, you need a step ladder, a scissor, and, most importantly, a fresh-looking clean net. You can do it all alone, but it’s okay if you have someone to help you out, and it’s vital to keep your balance while doing this whole thing.

Step 2

If your hoop is adjustable (no matter if it’s a portable basketball system or an in-ground basketball goal), then you don’t need a ladder, you can just bring it down and do your work. But if your hoop isn’t adjustable, then place your ladder conveniently so that you can reach the hoop. Mostly you need to put it in the middle of the rim, but still, you know your comfort zone much better.

If you have your old net on, use the scissor, and cut it for removal. Scissors will make this step easier.

Step 3

Once your hoop is empty, then you will start placing your new net. First of all, you need to know which side will be attached to the hoop.

The longer ends will be attached to the hoop, and the smaller end will be on the other side. Then you need to take one long loop and hold it, and then you need to push it through rim hook from inside to outside and make them spread through the ring by pulling them down.

Step 4

Now pull down on the net like before. The rope should stick in loops and keep the net in place. A Semi knot will be created because of pulling the net through the loop. Once you have completed this on the first loop, but the rest of the loops through the rest of the holes put only a single loop in each available space.

It may take you a few tries to get this thing done because it’s a little bit difficult to do, but it’s not impossible, so don’t get disheartened.

Step 5

Once you place all loops tightly, grab it, and pull it to ensure it’s done. If the net falls or comes off, then loop them nicely again.

These steps might seem confusing in the first place, but once you start doing this, then you may get it correctly, and probably you won’t ever forget it.

Remember; it may take a few hours to break in a new net properly.

Choosing a useful basketball net is also important. Mostly we use a very cheap nylon net, but they get torn fast, so if you spend a little more, then you may get a more long-lasting heavy net. Also, it would help if you kept this in mind that, don’t spend too much because in outside courts these nets get dirty quickly.

If you claim to love basketball, then you need to know everything regarding basketball. Putting on a basketball net for the first time can be a little bit confusing, but don’t get frustrated for the sake of your game.

Even experienced persons need some extra effort to get things done.

You can’t change hoops frequently so you can add color to your hoops by putting on different nets, which will give a fresh look to your old hoop.

Safety measures should be ensured before doing this whole process.

Final Words

Basketball court shouldn’t be slippery at all; then your ladder may slip. It would be best if you did this whole thing by standing on a ladder, so don’t take much hassle; otherwise, you may get out of concentration and fall.

Last but not least, to enjoy your game, it’s imperative to have a net on your hoop, so just because you need some extra effort and time, just don’t ruin your fun.

Not to mention, putting the net is pretty similar for any types of hoops including poolside goal, toddler’s basketball system, or a trampoline with hoop.

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