How to Jump Higher in Basketball

John Lochert


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Do you often wonder how the players manage to jump so high in the blink of an eye? 

Or are you struggling to jump higher as a new player? 

You’ve come to the right place because here, I’ll be writing some guidelines that will help you polish up your jumping skill. 

All of us know that a player who can jump higher, everyone treats him as a team treasure. So, if you want to be an asset-like member of your team, the following methods may help you.

Exercises and Preparations for Practicing

1. Warmup and Skipping

You have to start your preparation with various tasks like stretching, skipping, etc. Skipping works excellent, to begin with, because it helps a lot faster than other activities to warm up your body. 

You have to keep your shoulder at a bit lower position and keep jumping with both legs together. You have to hold the rope tightly so that it doesn’t slip away from your hand. Make sure to complete at least one hundred and twenty jumps in each minute.

2. Split Squats

For this exercise, only a bench is enough, and you need to place a foot on it. Keeping a foot on the bench, you have to perform this split squat depending on the other leg. 

Moreover, you can use dumbbells as well to make them effective. You may find it a bit hard if you are a beginner, but you will get used to it if you continue doing two to three sets each day.

3. Power Skips

This exercise is super beneficial for your height increment and boosting up leg strength. But at first, you have to find a flat surface as this exercise may cause injury if it’s not performed on a smooth surface. 

You have to start by taking your right knee up to your waist and try to jump to reach the highest peak you can to do skips. You have to keep this repeating with another leg, which will help you get strong leg muscles and strength. 

4. Calf Raising 

Calf raising is one of the most straightforward exercises you can ever do. You can do this at any place at any time. Just raise your calf together and hold them together for a few seconds.

You can use dumbbells for better efficiency. So, you must have already understood that you can do this while taking a shower, cooking, cleaning, etc. 

5. Taking Frequent Breaks

At the beginning of this journey, your body can’t take sudden pressure, and that’s why you have to take breaks while warming up or during exercises. Your muscles will get used to this new routine after a few sessions by taking a day or two-day break. You have to do these warming-up sessions at least 3-4 times a week.

Measure Your Current State

To boost your high jumping skill, at first, you have to write it down to see your improvement in the future. To get this data, you can take help from one of your friends or family members. To measure your current jumping height, you have to-.

  • Find a tall wall and stretch your hand to above as much as you can. Ask your friend or sibling to mark the place with a marker till which position you can reach. 
  • After finding your standing height, you have to jump and touch the wall as high as possible. You have to tell your friend to mark the point you felt again and to write it down.
  • Finally, you have to find out the difference between your standing reach and the jumping reach; in this way, you will get your vertical jump. 

Boost Up Your Vertical Jumping Skill

1. Vertical Jump Workout 

You can start practicing with the jump and reach exercises. But keep in mind that you’ve to jump vertically, should not go forward or change places. You have to position your hands at the above position and lower the hip and knees a bit. 

Then you’ve to jump as high as you can. By practicing this exercise regularly, you will notice your jumping reach soon. You have to repeat this exercise multiple times at home. It will be best if you can go for 10/12 times in one set. 

2. Broad Jump

The broad jump is known for explosive leg strength, and you need a bit wide space to perform this. For basketball players, having leg strength is a must, and this is one of the best ways to increase it. 

At first, you have to start your hips under your feet, and you have to return to the previous location by doing a squat and bringing your hands behind you. Perform this squat multiple times, and your vertical jump height will increase as well. 

3. Box Jump

To do the box jump, you need a bulky box or a knee-length bench. Many beginners find it a bit scary but trust me, once you start doing this, you will never stop practicing again. 

At first, bend your arms down and lower your body and then take your arms above and jump on the box. You have to perform two sets in a practice day, and it means you have to jump on the box about six to eight times at each setting. 

4. Depth Jump

A depth jump can replace the box jump, which means whenever you will not feel like doing a box jump, you can go for this one. First, you have to stand up on a bench or box and take a step forward on the air equal to another foot’s level on the bench. Then jump on the floor and give a jump again. By repeating these steps, again and again, you can do a depth jump. 

5. 180 Jump

You can practice this jump at any place, and it doesn’t require any specific field or court. It works best for explosive leg strength. It’s a category of cardio and is also known as a heart booster. You have to take a squat position by lowering your hip and keeping the hands together in front of your chest. 

Then you have to turn around while jumping. In this way, you can do 180 jumps at home. You must not forget that you have to land on your toes when you land on the ground, not on your ankle. Landing on toes will keep you away from unwanted injuries. 

6. Tuck Jumps 

At first, you’ve to start with a proper squat for yourself, and then you’ve to jump as high as possible. While jumping, you have to bring up your knees closer to your chest. Including this technique in increasing your vertical jump height routine will make you more confident in your skill.

7. Lateral Jumps 

You can perform this jumping activity only by using a line or a stick. You have to stand up parallel to the bar or stick and jump quickly back and forth over the line you selected. You have to follow this instruction several times, and this will give you benefits without any doubt. 

8. Lunge Jumps 

You need no equipment to perform this exercise. You have to keep your right leg in the forward position and the left leg in the backward position. Then you have to jump to the highest possible peak you can and switch legs again. Do this a few times, and it will boost up your leg strength undoubtedly. 

9. Squat Jumps

You have to use the strength of your legs and hips together. First, stand up by bringing up both your hands’ palms in front of your chest and take the squat position by lowering your hip. 

At this point, you have to try to keep your back straight, then jump. Keep repeating squat jumps several times straight, and you’ll find a significant improvement in your vertical jumping height. Moreover, when you get used to this workout, you can add weights as well. 

10. Burpees

Burpees ten to work on the whole body, so it will help to shape you up, build fitness, and keep a balance on the body. At first, you have to take the same position as you take in the squat, and then you have to press your palms inside your feet. 

Staying in this position, you can walk or take steps, do the high plank, and do push ups. Keep repeating these steps until you return to the previous squat position you took. So, in a sentence, it’s a pushup exercise along with the jump squat. You have to do at least ten reps or more in each set. 

If you want to bring a bit of change to your exercise, you can check all the burpees’ variations out there. It burns out calories, ensures workout for the whole body. Sometimes, it can be tiring for you to continue this straight for a few days. Overall, you can bring changes by skipping the jumps or pushups.

11. Jumping Jack

For increasing or doubling up the vertical jump height, lower body strength is fundamental. A type of plyometric exercise, known as jumping jack, works amazingly to raise the lower body’s power. 

First, you have to jump, and at the same time, you have to spread your feet from each other. Along with this, you have to bring up your arms over your head. However, you have to accomplish these all steps together. 

12. Single Leg Bounds

You must remember that you always have to keep less contact with the ground. Hold two hands together and hold them above your head; keep doing bounding with one leg at a time. This technique will surely help you with explosive coordination and leg strength. 

Till now, we have seen ways to improve leg energy and vertical jump methods. But you can do a lot better if you follow some easy techniques along with these methods. 

  • Running will help to increase your speed even while jumping because it helps to build up your momentum. Running before starting to play works great to jump a bit higher while playing basketball. But make sure not to run super fast because a bit of run will help to jump higher; it works smoothly to transfer into jumping. 
  • Only jumping without following any particular technique may not work for you. A higher center of gravity makes the vertical jump height a lot lesser than it should have. Swinging arms may keep a laudable effect on your jumping because it will keep the center of gravity lower than usual. You have to take your arms back and swing them to the front when you jump. 
  • Being able to keep the center of gravity low is one of the tremendous benefits of a player. Before taking off, you have to bend your knee slightly, but you cannot put your foot forward. Then lower your body slightly so you can jump, and this method will help you reduce the center of gravity and increase the vertical jump height. 

Taking Help from The Instructor

In the beginning, it can be a bit difficult for you to practice for a long time, or you may not have proper knowledge of practicing these exercises. For this reason, it’s always a better idea to follow reasonable instructions from a professional instructor. 

This process will restrain you from being injured. A professional trainer will also let you know about the chronological order of the exercises. After taking a few sessions, you’ll understand the various ways of exercising and which ones will work better for you. 

So, there’s no harm in taking help from a trainer, friend, or family member while practicing for doubling up the jumping height. 

Final Words

Hopefully, if you are struggling to increase your jumping level in basketball, the tips and tricks mentioned above will help you overcome this. After practicing for at least two or three weeks, you’ll understand all the tactics to do better in jumping. 

By following all the steps mentioned above correctly, you’ll notice a significant change in your jumping height than in the beginning. So, recording all data since the starting of the journey will motivate you more to work harder.