How to Inflate and Deflate a Soccer Ball (Complete Guide)

John Lochert


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If you’re new to the soccer game, then you’ll see that your soccer ball needs proper attention as well. You must always ensure that the ball is inflated correctly before playing and deflate the ball when you are not playing or on a break. 

If you want to know the steps for inflating and deflating the ball, without or with a pump, then you have come to the right place. 

You can give a read to this article, and only within a few minutes, you will master the ways of inflating and deflating the ball. 

Inflate the Soccer Ball Using a Needle or Pump

Sometimes, a match depends on the inflation of the ball. If you don’t inflate the ball with enough air, the ball will not fly or cross much distance because of less air. A perfectly inflated ball is considered the most necessary commodity for a team.

On the other hand, even if you want to play solo or play with a friend, you will need a perfectly inflated soccer ball. To inflate the ball using a needle and pump, you can follow the steps below:

  • First, you will need a ball pump and a needle, and then you have to find the valve of your soccer ball. You cannot insert the needle at any surface of the ball, but this will lead you towards puncturing the ball. Without the valve of the soccer ball, it’s impossible to inflate the ball. You will detect the valve effortlessly because it’s indicated with a circled area. 
  • Then you have to insert the needle of the pump in the ball and start pumping the ball. The ball will begin to inflate within a few seconds, and after the ball gets fully inflated, you have to remove the pump’s needle slowly. 

Make sure that the ball doesn’t get over inflated because overinflation will end up hampering the ball.

  • To avoid over-inflation, you have to measure the air pressure of the ball. Nowadays, all the pumpers in the market come with a built-in gauge. You will stop pumping the ball when it reaches up to the required level. If your pump doesn’t come with a built-in gauge, you can use a regular one. 

Inflate the Soccer Ball Without Using a Pump

Following the step mentioned earlier, you can inflate a soccer ball using a pump or needle. But sometimes, you may not find any pump near you, and in this situation, you can follow the procedures I have mentioned below:

  • Using a pen is always a better solution when you will not have a pump around you. First, take a pen and remove the outer part of it. Then, cut the ink tube from the end part so that the ink nib stays with the holder. 

Then apply some lubricant like glycerine and insert the ink pipe into the valve. Lastly, you have to blow harder from behind the ink pipe, and slowly the ball will start to inflate. This process may seem protracted than usual ones, but it’s worth it in the end. 

  • Using balloon air is another way to inflate the ball without using any pump. Punch balloons work well in this case. This process makes the procedure more abridged than other methods. 

Use a pin to hold the air in the balloon after filling it with air and then connect it to the valve with the help of a thin straw. Finally, the ball will start to inflate, and this takes only a few minutes to complete the whole process. 

  • Using a car tire is also an excellent solution for inflating the ball. You can use the air from a filled tire, and you have to manage a few things to increase the ball’s air pressure. You will require an air hose, needle, and one or two adapters. 
  • First, you have to affix the car tire exit valve with the tire and then connect the needle with your soccer ball. You can inflate your soccer ball by following these steps when you will not have a ball pump near you. 

Deflate the Soccer Ball Using a Needle and Pump 

You can deflate a soccer ball in several ways, and here I will be sharing some ways to do this easily. Among many ways, the preferable way is to use a ball pump or plug remover, and everyone recommends it. 

This method will not create any damage to your ball. But in case of emergencies, you can use any thin and sharp object like a needle, pen, etc. When you have to deflate the ball urgently, you can use these objects, but it’s always better to use the syringe or a ball pump. 

  • First, you have to find out the valve of your ball; you can easily find it as it’s visible from the outer side of all soccer balls. You will need a fluid item like coconut oil or water to soak the adapter’s tip. Any of these two items will work excellently to push the needle easier. 
  • Then you have to be careful so that you don’t damage the ball’s bladder. You have to use your stable hand to do this work. You have to slowly insert the needle until you reach the pipeline of the bladder. 

You have to hold the soccer ball with patience so that the needle doesn’t create any damage to it. After getting up to the pipeline, you will automatically see that the ball releases air from the bladder. 

  • Finally, you have to squeeze the ball carefully to get all the air out. While doing this, you can’t release the needle. So, it will be best if you take help from one of your family members or friends. 

You have to ask your friend to release the air by pressing the ball gently. Squeezing the ball will bring damage to your ball. So, your friend must do this task patiently until the ball becomes fully flat.

  • Aside from the process mentioned above, you can assuredly use an inflating pump to deflate the ball. An adapter needle comes with the pump, and this needle is used to reduce. 

Again you have to use fluid to avoid any disfigurement in the ball. After inserting the needle, the ball will start releasing the air within a few moments, and you can bring it out of the ball.

Deflating Without a Pump or Needle

If you don’t have a pump or needle and you’re in urgent need of deflating the ball, there are multiple options as well. Just take a pin or pen, then insert it in the valve of the ball. Air will be coming out, and you will hear a sound; after a few seconds, you have to squeeze gently, and you are done. 

So, everyone recommends a pump and air plug, but in case of emergency, by using a super thin and sharp object, you can deflate your soccer ball. 

In conclusion, some people around us may not understand the benefit of deflating a soccer ball in the beginning. Soon after, they will notice that an inflated ball requires more space than a deflated ball. 

You can keep a deflated soccer ball in a backpack and carry it without having the tension of any damage to the ball. Without a doubt, this article has helped you be aware of inflating and deflating the soccer ball and will help you to apply these tricks in the long run.