4 Best Soccer Goals for Backyard Reviews [2020 Update]

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Best Overall
PowerNet Soccer Goal 12 x 6 | Portable Net Collapsible Metal Base | Durable Vertical Bow Poles | Quick Setup Easy Folding Storage | Ultra Portable | 1 Goal + 1 Carrying Bag | Full Size Soccer Goal
Frame Based
Editor's Rating
5 / 5
GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal 6 Feet - Two Portable Soccer Nets with Carry Bag
Pop Up
Editor's Rating
5 / 5
GOLME PRO Training Soccer Goal 6.5x18.5 Ft. - Full Size Ultra Portable Soccer Net
Frame Based
Editor's Rating
4.8 / 5
Franklin Sports Premier Steel Soccer Goal – Portable Soccer Net – Foldable Soccer Goal – 4 Ft by 6 Ft – Kids Backyard Soccer Net – Easy Assembly
Frame Based
Editor's Rating
4.8 / 5

If you ask me to suggest the best of the best soccer goal for backyard, then I will suggest you to go for the PowerNet soccer goal.


Because that is going to fulfill all your need in terms playing soccer in your backyard.

But hold on!

I am not going to dissatisfy you. As you have landed on this page, surely you are trying to know reason behind going for a particular product.

I think you not only should know the upside and downside of a product but also the general guideline on buying that product is required. In other words a comprehensive buying guide, otherwise you will end up buying a wrong product for sure.

You don’t have to be a market ninja before buying a soccer goal. Just stay with me here until you are fully sure what and why you are going to purchase any particular soccer goal.

While there are a lot of options to choose from, in this portable soccer goals for backyards review guide I am going to review 4 goals in total.

This is not going to be a simple review article on particular products only, but I will also provide a comprehensive knowledge and buying guide.

Portable Soccer Goals for Backyard Knowledge Base and Buying Guide

Here are some points that you should keep in mind before buying one. No worries, now I am going to give you proper knowledge on those points.

Portable Soccer Goal Types

Here I will talk about only the portable soccer goals obviously. There are permanent and semi-permanent goals available out there, but they are not going to be the best choice for you as you are looking for something that can be used comfortably to play in your backyard.

So basically, you will find two types of portable goals.

  • Pop-up soccer goals.
  • Frame based goals.

What is Pop-up Soccer Goals?

Pop-up goals are the lightest among all kind of soccer goals, and mostly used in practice session where the kids are participating. But these are not something that are used only by the kids.

Adult players even the professional players also use pop-up version of the goal during their practice session. So, you can say these serve almost every level of players for their practice.

In terms of portability and storage these are the best options but if you want to judge the sturdiness, then I must say these are not something you should go for. In that case, you should consider the frame based options if you want to shoot the ball with super power.

As the size of this type of portable soccer goals is small, these are best choice for you or your kids to do the aim practice. On top of that, no matter how much space you have in your backyard, you can easily fit pop-up goals there.

In Summary

  • Perfect choice for children as well as youth, good for adults as well for practicing purpose.
  • Pop-up goals are the lightest ones among the other types.
  • Very easy to carry and store.
  • Versatile, and affordable.
  • Set up is very easy. You don’t have to do anything except twisting open for instant play, and twisting flat to store it conveniently in the bag. You will find about three ground pins, just push those in the ground. That will make the goal sturdy.  
  • Not the best performer regarding sturdiness. But quite ok for your practice. Children will not face any problem whatsoever. Only if you are an adult and shoot the ball with extreme power then the goal may displace a bit. Otherwise good to go with usual power shots.
  • Most of the good pop-up goals range from 2.5 ft to 6 ft in size.

Standing Frame Based Goals

As the name suggests, this time you are going to have standing frame for your goals. The two main benefits you will get from this type of goals are

  • The size of the goals are bigger than the pop-up options.
  • These are more sturdy and can take extreme power shots unlike the pop-up ones.

The material of the frame may vary from goal to goal. As I am talking about the products that can be used for your backyard, so no matter what the material is, every of them will be portable.

Some standing frame based options are easily portable, even you can fold and put it in a carrying bag. On the other hand, some are difficult to move with. But with the help of someone else, you can move them easily here and there. We call them semi-permanent goals.

In terms of weight, most of the portable frame based goals are lightweight, and you can easily carry them in a bag. As you can put them in the bag, that means you can store them comfortably as well.

Assembling of this type of products is not hard either. But obviously they are not as easy as their pop-up counter parts. However most of the cases you need at most 15-20 minutes to assemble the goal.

Most important point is, you can use frame based options for any purpose. Be it for practice, recreational or mini tournament play, portable frame based goals are something that you can be your ultimate choice to play in your backyard.

No age restriction is applied here. Perfect for anyone’s playing.

In Summary

  • Perfect type of portable soccer goals for your backyard.
  • Can be used for any purpose like practice, recreational play or mini tournament.
  • Suitable for any age group.
  • Portable frame based goals are lightweight, and you can carry or store them quite easily.
  • Strong enough to receive extreme power shots unlike the pop-up ones.
  • Assembling is more time consuming than the pop-up ones but most of the cases it will not take more than 15-20 minutes if you take someone’s help.

Frame Materials

As I told earlier, the materials of the frame based portable soccer goals for backyard can be of different types. Here we are going to talk about the most used materials only.


Aluminum is the highest quality material among other most used materials for a frame. This is a rust proof and durable material, but costly. That is why aluminum is used to make the goals that are used for tournament or league play.

When you are finding the best soccer goal for backyard, probably you will not want to buy a product that has a frame made of aluminum as the price is higher than other options in this case.


Steel is the most common material for the ones that are standing frame based, portable and used as backyard soccer goals. Mostly used to make the products that are four to six feet in height. Cheaper than aluminum, but the quality is quite ok. So steel made frames can be a good choice for you.


If you don’t know yet, PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride which is a thermoplastic material made by polymerizing vinyl chloride. So you now understand that the frame that are made from PVC is a plastic based option. You will find both pros and cons against a PVC made frame.

These are lightweight options, so you can carry them easily. The price is lower than steel frames. So I must say these are not a bad choice at all for the ones that you will use for your backyard.

Assembling is very easy in this case, and you can carry and store the goals very easily as well.

Although plastic made frames are affordable, but they are less durable than aluminum or steel. This is obvious. It is always what you pay is what you get.


Fiberglass is another very useful material if you consider the lightness. The full size soccer goals that are made from fiberglass are sturdy as well.

Most of the pop-up goal’s frame is made from fiberglass. Not only pop-up ones but also the standing frame ones are also made from this material. This offers you the fastest setup among all other options.

Portable Soccer Goals Shape

As the purpose can be different, so there are variation in shape, particularly in case of standing frame based goals.

Let’s discuss what are the common shapes of portable soccer goals that are found on the market.

Without Depth

Yes, without depth. That means the net of the goal hangs down from the top bar to the ground directly creating a 45 degree angle. That means the net will be attached to the front top bar, down sidebars and down back bar only.

There will be no top sidebar. Here you can attach the net with the down back bar or anchor directly in the ground. See the picture for better understanding.

These are mostly the lighter option than the one that has depth, and also easier to carry obviously.

The downside of this type is the space inside the goal is limited. Although this should not be any problem, but the goalie will not have enough room to save from inside the goal.

Good choice for practice and recreational play. Well, you can arrange mini tournament with this as well.

With Depth

The design is more complex than the goals that do not have any depth. But don’t think this is something rocket science. Here the only difference is there is depth inside the goal.

That means here you will find a top sidebar that is making 90 degree angle with the crossbar. This top sidebar extends a few feet and the net extends to this bar before descending at a 45 degree angle to another bar on the ground.

So, pretty simple right?

What is the benefit? Usually this frames are made from high quality material, overall the quality of the net is higher than the ones that do not have any depth.

So, overall these are good product. Have more room inside the goal which makes this option more stable.

What is the downside? Less portable, costs more than their depth-less counterparts.

Box Shape

Don’t think box shape is only applicable for the professional match goals. In reality the portable full size soccer goals can have the box shape as well. It does not have to be full size either.

Small sized portable soccer goals also can have the box shape. But generally these are something that are made from heavy metal.

As you can understand from the name the goal forms a rectangular shape. The net extends straight back from the top front bar, and crossbar, and drops straight down to the ground.

You will find a sufficient space in the goal. These are the most stable version among the three shapes as the net get multiple bars to hang on.

Soccer Goal Sizes

Depending on the age group and field size, the size of the goal varies. But this is not anything that must be followed by you. Particularly when you are choosing the best soccer goal for backyard, you don’t have to keep these measurements in mind.

Just choose the goal as per your requirement and choice. No need to be worried about the size. But still if you want to know the official size that comes from FIFA, here is the table for you.

AgeGoal Size (in feet)Field Size (in yards)
Adults, ages 12+24W x 8Hmin. 50W x 100L
U1218W x 6Hmin. 45W x 70L
U1018W x 6Hmin. 35W x 45L
U89 to 18W x 4.5 to 6Hmin. 20W x 25L
U66 to 9W x 4 to 4.5Hmin. 15W x 20L

Soccer Goal Nets

We are not reviewing any particular net here in this article. But Just in case you are interested to know about different nets, you can read on. Otherwise skip this section.

Please note, by net we mean the thing that wrap around the soccer goal.


The soccer net are mostly made from synthetic material that helps the net to remain in a good condition for longer period of time.

But there are some types present for synthetic material as well. Here we will only discuss about the most common three types that are used to make the nets.

High Tenacity Polypropylene (HTPP)

HTPP is used to make heavy duty nets. That means these nets last longer than any other nets and withstand harsh weather condition.

Polyethylene (PE)

This is one of common materials that is used to make nets. Not better than HTTP nets but better than nylon nets.


Nylon is used to make most of the soccer goals. This material is available in USA, and best choice to make custom nets. The quality of this type of soccer net is not bad at all.

Bottom Line

Let’s sum up!

In this article of best soccer goals for backyard, I listed down 4 top portable soccer goals that you can go for depending on the budget and requirement.

I’ve also written a thorough buying guide that should help you to know all the details on the soccer goals buying factors.

Now it’s your turn.

Comment below if you have anything more to know.

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