5 Best Poolside Basketball Hoops Reviews for 2020 – With Buying Guide

best poolside basketball hoop
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Selecting the best poolside basketball hoop is not that easy. You might have seen a lot. But all the hoops in the market share the same types of features.

Don’t be troubled. Let me do the legwork for you.

After completing in-depth research on the features, reviews, and prices of the poolside basketball hoops, I picked up five top-end of them. I Hope my toil will give you a clue to own the best poolside basketball hoop.

Without any further ado, let’s dive in.

5 Top Poolside Basketball Hoops – Detailed Review

1. Lifetime Poolside Basketball System Review


  • Its exclusive appearance and exceptional quality will impress you at the 1st look. The screen-printed graphics give a superior color. 
  • The UV-Protectivity and rust-resistance make this floating basketball hoop strong and durable.
  • The telescoping height adjustment system allows adjusting the heights from 4 to 6.5 -feet increments by 6- inches.
  • The 44-inch large shatter-proof fusion backboard gives a pro-glass look and also makes your target auspicious.
  • The manufacturing quality ensures its safety and extension of the service life in all weather conditions. It would act best even in chlorinated swimming pool water.
  • Adding water or sand in the base would assure you more confident dunking. This beautiful blue base’s capacity is 27 gallons.
  • The original classic rim supported by stable braces with an all-weather nylon net will give you extra fun to shoot.
  • A 2-piece round steel pole is for giving extra protection.
  • Very easy to assemble and move around.


  • The set-up direction is a bit tricky for beginners. But if you read the installation guide attentively and then set it up, it will be all set in a quick time.


Look, not only the appearance is so smart and attractive, you will get the most attractive features to add more fun to your swimming pool.

Don’t worry about longevity. This Swimming pool basketball goal is fully rust-resistance and yes, UV-protected too. It would not only last long but also give you the pleasure to move it randomly and assemble quite quickly.

What makes this so unique?

The adjustable height, the original classic rim, and shatter-proof backboard are specially designed for durability. So, playing together will make it more fun.

And don’t forget about the basement too! It stores 27 gallons of water inside to make your game more enjoyable and comfortable.

2. Dunnrite PoolSport pool basketball Review


  • Its size is preferable for any type of swimming pool. You can set it easily beside even a narrow sided swimming pool.
  • Not messy to set up and assemble.
  • It’s mobile enough to place and move, at the same time stable enough to make great fun in the poolside game.
  • The base is stable enough and weighs 115 lbs on filling with water.
  • The vinyl-coated stainless-steel rim would release the tension of damaging even in saltwater.
  • The height is 36 inches fixed above the deck.
  • A mid-size color matched ball, and an all-weather net is included to play more confidently and joyfully.
  • All the hardware is made of stainless steel to ensure viability.
  • The white silk-screened poly backboard is very much durable.


  • The white coating may get faded with time. You can recoat it or use a rust guard spray before setting.


This water basketball hoop is stable in every kind of weather and water.

Why would you choose this?

It is worth your money! This pool basketball hoop is made of stainless steel and coated by vinyl. It shouldn’t be damaged in the years to come.

Its white surface will make the poolside more attractive to your family and friends.

You won’t find any sharp edges even to hurt you.

The rim provides good bounce. The all-weather net and the standard height of the hoop will make your shooting enjoyable.

And yes, you don’t need to be an expert to install and assemble it even at the 1st time. It is light enough to move and stable enough to last long.

The basement is big here to hold on the hoop. It makes your target easier by extending the rim out over the water. You may dunk from any distance that you can capture.

3. Dunnrite Splash and Shoot Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop Review


  • All the hardware is made of stainless steel. There is no headache of longevity.
  • The pole is made of aluminum, coated with protected powder to protect rusting.
  • It telescopes up to different heights up to 49″ with 20″ overhang. It allows a seamless transition between locations of the rim to make fun of all ages.
  • The portable hard base stores 25 gallons of water to stand against the harsh conditions.
  • The Polyethylene backboard is so wide to capture your shoot.
  • Its all-weather net attracts the ball to make a good score.
  • You will get a regular size color matched ball as an addition to your aquatic basketball ground.
  • Vinyl coated stainless steel rim makes you more confident by protecting rust.


  • Some people complain about not having wheels in the base. But it is not so heavy to move without wheels.
  • Though it is coated with rust-protected powder, some people found it rusting after using several years. But most of the users are happy with this purchase.


It is a heavy-duty Swimming pool basketball goal. It will turn your swimming pool into an aquatic basketball court.

No doubt about it!

The base is substantial to give a lot of confidence to stand up in your strongest throws. When dunking the ball, you don’t need to hold the hoop. 

It will tip anyway.

The adjustable height is there for making fun for all aged members of your family and friends.

The vinyl-coated rim, the wide backboard, and the all-weather net allow you confident throwing and easy scoring to add more fun.

There’s more!

You will get a regular size basketball of the same color as the hoop, just install the set and start enjoying.

4. GoSports Splash Hoop 360 Floating Pool Basketball Game Review


  • This gorgeous looking modern, durable hoop will impress anyone and give more fun at pool time.
  • It would make a splash in your summer with its sturdy frame without worrying about damaging it.
  • You will get one splash hoop and two rubber balls in this set. So, the pool game is now cooler than before.
  • No need to buy a ball pump; it is included in the box.
  • The net is very sturdy and catchy for easy scoring.
  • This is engineered to assemble in seconds, and installation is also straightforward. Just open the box and start ultimate fun.
  • It is very light to move around.
  • It is sturdy to give you fun season after season.


  • I found one complaint about degradation. But all the other users are pleased with this purchase. Moreover, you can be conscious of it. Keep the hoop out of the water after finishing the game.


Are you facing some difference in this Floating basketball hoop?

Yes, there is a far difference.

It is effortless to manage, and there is no installation mess. It is ready to play.

This hoop is built to make your summer special. The sturdy stand and finely finished net lasts long and gives the ultimate fun in summer pool days. This water basketball hoop is perfect for playing with all the family members and friends.

It’s attractive round shape, and fully finished edges make sure about playing safely.

Two non-slip red balls and the hand pump make the water basketball game more enjoyable.

Its design is attractive, and the height is perfect for any player in the pool. Shooting and dunking is now easier and more enjoyable than before.

Think about this for a moment and make a splash in your pool with this up-to-the-minute durable Swimming pool basketball goal.

5. SwimWays 2 In 1 Pool Sport Combo Set Review


  • It offers two games in one package. You will enjoy two games without any hassles. Switching between basketball and volleyball is possible in seconds. Playing is now in a snap.
  • The durable plastic body made it very sturdy and rust-free.
  • The base is fillable with water to make it sturdier. So, you can make a more confident shoot now.
  • Don’t need any extra tools to unzip and install.
  • You are getting two basketball hoops of sturdy base, one pro-style basketball, and one basketball catching net to enjoy the pool basketball game.
  • One long length volleyball net is included to set correctly in any backyard pool.
  • There is one volleyball to enjoy the volleyball game in pool time.
  • The sturdy and wide backboard is decorated with a picture to make it aesthetically beautiful.
  • The bases are water-fillable to provide safety on either game.
  • Assembling and moving is very easy.


  • Found a review like, it is not perfect for adults. But it is not a toddler’s basketball hoop, and most of the users are very satisfied with this combo game set.


Are you interested in enjoying pool time with friends and family?

Here is the best combo package with the most attractive appearance!

Any doubt?

Well, there are two game sets. You can play basketball and can switch to the volleyball game in the shortest time and effort.

The basketball net is catchy and sturdy enough to shoot much better. The pro-style basketball will make your shooting comfortable.

Don’t worry! The volleyball net is sized for the standard size pool to make your summer enjoyable in the pool. The included volleyball would add more fun to your swimming pool.

But that’s not all. This Swimming pool basketball goal is mobile to move and manage. Its sturdiness and durability will give you the pleasure to play.

It will last several years without rusting or damaging.

Poolside Basketball Systems – Buying Guide


The size depends on the location where it will be set. Some Swimming pool basketball goal fixes in a narrow space, and some are for wider areas.

Have a look at your poolside, where you will set the basketball hoop, then pick your one.

Here all the hoops that I reviewed are smart looking and designed for all kinds of poolside spaces. You can set them in your broader to narrow space where you feel comfortable.

Backboard Material

The backboard stands against repetitive hits. The most enjoyable part of the basketball game is shooting and scoring high.

Here, the backboards are capable enough to withstand all kinds of shots.


A base that supports a higher volume of water or sand is the best one. It makes your shooting and tipping more confident.

Here, the bases are very sturdy to take the challenge. They are engineered to avoid tipping over into the swimming pool.

Height Adjustment

Here, two water basketball hoop’s heights are adjustable, and the rest are of fixed height.

You have to think about the players who will play most of the time. If there are several players of different age groups or youngers, you have to buy the adjustable hoops. But if you have a fixed aged group players or adults-only in-home or friends group, you can easily pick up a fixed height poolside basketball hoop.


Safety is a big issue here. You will play in the swimming pool with your friends and family. The security of each member is your concern.

The pool basketball hoops here are all finely finished and very sensitively designed to perform sturdy and durable.

Water Resistance

You are here to buy the best poolside basketball goal. You have to take in mind that the material must be water-resistant.

Here, the plastic made water basketball hoops are damage-free, and stainless steel hoops are coated with rust-free powder.


In this article, I reviewed all the portable Swimming pool basketball goals. The portable hoops are easily adjustable in broad or narrow places.

You can enjoy it in the summer and then store it in the box. You can also move around the Floating basketball hoop in any corner of your pool, depending on your mood and need.


Which one you are going to pick, depends on how much you will willingly spend for the hoop.

Here, I reviewed the best basketball hoops for the pool. They are of different prices, depending on their features.

Find a balance between price and value. Then make your own conclusion.

Final Words

Let’s recap.

The building material of the above swimming pool basketball goals are plastic or steel. All are sturdy and rust-free.

The widest backboards, sturdy rims, and durable nets give more fun to shooting.

And remember, all of the bases allow you to weigh down with water or sand to act sturdier.

Wouldn’t it be great if you get a combo package?

Yes, there are some basketball hoops with volleyball hoops, net, and separate balls.

Now you’re ready to take your decision. Pick the one which fills your requirements.

Have a great summer with pool basketball.

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