12 Best Gifts for Tennis Lovers that Won’t Hurt Your Pocket

John Lochert


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“May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness, and tied with love” – L.O.Baird

Truly a small gift can bring a big smile to anyone’s face. If he/she is a tennis player or a tennis fan, then it’s essential to give him/her the best gift for tennis players. Otherwise, your money will go in vain.

With that said, it’s not a straightforward task to decide on the best tennis-related gifts because you have a lot of options to choose from.

To save your time, I’ve prepared this article, where I’ve listed 12 amazing gifts for tennis lovers.

So, without any further ado, let’s fire away. 

1. Tennis t-shirt/hoodie 

A t-shirt or hoodie is perhaps the best tennis gift that you can afford spending very little money on.

Everyone likes a cool t-shirt to showcase his/her passion. What else is better than a t-shirt in that case?

These are some sarcastic t-shirts for men, women, and youth. Moreover, you have both a t-shirt and hoodie to choose from depending on the season. 

So, bring a big smile on a tennis lover with these apparel.   

Tennis gift t shirt for fans, coach or player
Text written on the shirt – Sorry for what I said – I was thinking about Tennis
Tennis gift t shirt for fans, coach or player
Text written on the shirt – I don’t always scream at my television – But when I do, it’s tennis season

2. Tennis ball saver 

A pressurized environment is essential to keep the tennis balls new all the time. This pressurized tennis ball storage from Gexo will do the job for you.

This ball saver is lightweight and compact, that’s why it easily fits in the tennis bag or backpack.

It holds three tennis balls at a time and keeps them fresh and bouncy.

No matter what level of tennis player your loved one is, this gift is a suitable option for anyone who uses tennis balls.

Let him/her save some money by keeping the tennis balls new for long with this gift. It doesn’t cost a fortune either.

3. Tennis Racquet

This is probably one of the best tennis-related gifts for tennis players. A racquet is their best weapon to showcase their skills and play different shots to beat the opponent.

Every tennis player will like to have a fresh new racquet from his/her loved one.

Here is the caveat.

A beginner’s tennis racquet and a tennis racquet for intermediate and advanced players are not the same. If you want to learn more about this, check our article on different tennis racquet reviews.

I am going to mention two different racquets for beginners and intermediate/advanced, though. Here they are –  


Intermediate / Advanced

4. Tennis Balls

A tennis ball is another essential item to play tennis. No wonder why every tennis lover would like to have a bucket of tennis balls as a gift.

Yes, a tennis ball can be of various types and use. You can get a better understanding from our tennis ball reviews article.

However, when you are gifting someone, it would be a wise decision to go for the balls that are perfect for practicing. Here is the link.

5. Tennis Bag

A quality tennis bag is something every tennis player wants to carry the racquet, ball, apparel, and other equipment.

Different brands manufacture good quality tennis bags, and Wilson is one of them.

If you want to help your loved tennis enthusiast without breaking your bank, you can give him/her this marvelous bag any day. 

6. Tennis Ball Machine

A tennis ball machine costs a bit more than what you would have expected.

Nonetheless, if you care about the smile of a tennis lover’s smile most, then this is the best tennis-related gift, I must say.

A ball machine helps during the practice session like nothing else.

This Lobster Sports Elite One tennis ball machine is lightweight, hence easy to transport and store. It’s battery-operated, and it’s quite straightforward to use.

It has a ball capacity of 150, and the ball speed is 10-70 mph.

With a full-featured tennis ball hopper, this machine is undoubtedly capable of making your beloved tennis fan happy.

7. Vibration Dampener

A vibration dampener is also known as a shock absorber.

The core functionality of a vibration dampener is to lessen the vibration caused by the tennis racquet during the ball impact.

Eventually, a vibration dampener minimizes the chance of wrist injury of a tennis player, and also gives a better feeling after every shot.

This set of 3 shock absorbers from 21k Sports has a variety of colors available. They excel in quality too.

Why don’t you save your beloved tennis player’s wrist? 

8. Tennis Gloves

Well, tennis gloves are rather exceptional yet a useful gift, I should say.

Mainly, if you want to gift someone who sweats a lot, then a pair of gloves will come in handy without any doubt.

It will assist the player in gripping the racquet handle better than before and playing the shots with better control.

This Men’s tennis gloves from Bionic is inexpensive but shines in quality.

The Anatomical Pad system, twelve terry cloth mini towel inside the gloves, colon moisture control material, etc. provides excellent grip, keeps the hand dry, offers comfort, and flexibility.  

9. Pocket Radar

This is the best gift for a tennis player who likes to judge the speed of his shots. A gift like this will surely make his/her day.

This mini pocket radar is convenient to carry in the pocket. It gives pretty accurate results too. It offers a competitive price also.

Pocket Radar ball coach tool has some cool features like constant-mode, built-in memory, etc. that can amaze your beloved tennis player, no doubt.

Anyone can use it in a hands-free mode. It has a smart ball coach version too in the offering. 

10. Tennis String Straightener

A tennis string straightener is another unique gift that will make any tennis lover happy any day.

A string straightener is used to straighten the string, and this very tool from String Thing does it in a quick time. That’s why it’s a handy tool to use during the game.

Straightening the string helps to produce better spin, and guides for consistent playing. 

11. Top-spin Trainer

Top-spin trainers like this one from Topspin Pro could turn into a super handy tennis training equipment, particularly, for the beginners.

So, if you are planning to gift a beginner who is craving to play top-spin well, this is the best bet for you.

It’s suitable for children from 5 years old to any adult up to 7’ tall. Anyone can use it both outdoors and indoors. 

12. Tumbler Mug

A tumbler mug is a somewhat essential item for a tennis player. What if you give someone a tumbler mug that is custom made for tennis lovers?

I believe it will be a great surprise for your beloved tennis fans or players.

This one is a clear 16 oz travel tumbler mug with a lid, which is double-walled thermal insulated. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe too.

Final Words

That is it.

From these 12 tennis related items, you can go for any-one that meets your aspirations and doesn’t hurt your pocket.

So, which one do you think is the best gift for tennis players? Please comment below.