Best Basketballs

How do you choose the right basketball ?

There are a number of things you need to consider when selecting a basketball. Fundamentally it boils down to three basic characteristics: how well does the ball bounce, how easy is it to grip, and how easy is it to control the ball.

Let’s describe all these characteristics in more detail.

Grip – the best basketballs should have a surface that helps you catch them easily even when your hands are sweaty or you are playing outside.

Materials – the best balls are usually made out of leather as this allows the best possible bounce as well as ball control.

Shells – the best basketball shells are usually made out of rubber or something similar that allows the best grip and great control over the ball when playing.

Air retention – the best balls should have great air retention abilities meaning they can be used several times in a row without deflating!

And that’s how we determine which basketballs are better and which ones we don’t recommend you purchase.

Check out these articles to find out which basketballs we recommend and which ones we don’t.

We are confident that using these guides will help you be better informed to be able to select the basketball that is right for you and to know how to properly take care of it.