Best Basketball Hoops

How do you decide which basketball hoop to select? Is there a difference between an indoor and an outdoor basketball hoop?

The main components of a basketball hoop are the rim, the backboard, and the net. Manufacturers offer many types of rims – metal, nylon, or one-piece steel.

The style of hoops on offer today provides a lot more versatility than the old-school steel and net models, but how do you select a good basketball hoop, and what characteristics should they have?

The type of material used on the backboard is equally important as it provides resistance for rebounding shots. Glass or acrylic boards provide better rebound capability but are more expensive than polycarbonate boards which can dent fairly easily.

Check out the articles below and simply select the type of hoop you are after.

With this set of guides and all of the testing and research that went into producing them, we are confident that you have the right information to select the basketball hoop that is the right one for you.