Basketball Guides

Do you often wonder how the players manage to jump so high in the blink of an eye?  Or are you struggling to jump higher as a new player?  You’ve come to the right place because here, I’ll be writing some guidelines that will help … Read More

How did basketball start

The history of basketball began in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts and it was, at that time, considered to be a less injury-prone sport than football. Anyhow, a Canadian physical education instructor James Naismith is the … Read More

As we already know, basketball is definitely one of the most popular and definitely the most exciting sports on the planet. Every year we meet new players and the game becomes bigger and bigger. On the other hand, basketball associations are helping … Read More

Michael Jeffrey Jordan, in short, known as Michael Jordan (MJ), the living legend of the Basketball game was born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York. The hospital’s name was Cumberland Hospital, which is currently a homeless shelter … Read More

Article on basketball terms is not anything new! You will find a lot of articles that are describing the different basketball terms for your understanding. But in this article, our approach is a bit different than others. Excited? We will not mention and … Read More