The Basic Guide for Basketball Beginners (8 Step Guide)

John Lochert


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As we already know, basketball is definitely one of the most popular and definitely the most exciting sports on the planet. Every year we meet new players and the game becomes bigger and bigger. On the other hand, basketball associations are helping in every way to make this game better for everyone.

Anyhow, one thing is certain and that is the fact that basketball is a fun and interesting sport to play. But, like any other game, you can’t just start throwing a ball at the hoop and call it basketball. You first need to train a little bit in order to play real basketball.
Now, let’s see everything that you can do in order to improve yourself at this game as a beginner.

Starting Basketball – 8 Steps

There are lots of ways to start playing basketball, but you can’t skip some crucial and definitely the most important steps. Anyhow, let’s begin with these 8 steps so you can see how to get started in basketball as a beginner.

1) Gear Up

Possibly the most important thing, when it comes to playing basketball, is the gear or equipment that you need. Now, you actually don’t need some expensive and luxury shoes or some “over the head” price things, all you need is regular basketball stuff that every player has.

Let’s see the key elements that you need to play basketball in the best possible way.


basketball shoe

Basketball shoes are quite important when it comes to the health of your ankles. A good basketball shoe will support your ankle and give it more stability while running or jumping. There are three options to go here: Low-angle, Mid-angle, and High-tops shoes.

Each of these types of basketball shoes has its own benefits and good sides. But, choosing the right one will definitely depend on your own preferences. Just remember to get the most comfortable ones and you will be good to go.



There is a lot of running and jumping in basketball and therefore, you will need proper shorts in order to play well. Also, basketball is a game where you will be sweating a lot, so consider getting the right clothes for the game.
Finding good basketball shorts is essential for maximizing your results and effort when it comes to running and jumping. A good basketball short should be long enough to touch your knees so that you have plenty of space to move.

Other Equipment

Now, there is other equipment that you might want to consider as a beginner. Namely, a portable hoop is a good idea to buy if you are playing outdoor basketball. Also, an in-ground hoop is possibly the best idea since you can practice your shot anytime you want.

Besides these, you will find some other types of basketball systems like a trampoline with basketball goal, toddlers’ basketball hoop, poolside basketball system, etc.

Anyhow, there are other things as well. Simply speaking, getting a good ball is essential, and having some accessories for basketball is good too. All in all, getting all this stuff surely will help you a lot in the beginning.

2) Warming Up

warm up

Now, before every training session or every game, you need to warm up your body in the correct way. Warming up is essential for everyone who is playing not only basketball but other sports as well. So, it is highly recommendable to do some stretching and some aerobics before you take the ball in your hands.

Having your muscles all pumped up and ready to go is really important when it comes to basketball. Anyhow, the whole warm-up process should take at least 20 minutes since that is the time your muscles need to get into the ‘’ready to go’’ state.

3) Eat Healthily

eat healthy

Now, it is quite important to maintain a healthy diet when if you want to get the best results as a beginner. However, possibly the most important thing about diets is that you need to lay off the caffeine. Namely, caffeine is not a suitable thing to consume when playing basketball.

First of all, caffeine is a strong diuretic which means that your body will rapidly purge water out of your system as you play. This will lead to dehydration and you will need to drink water every few minutes while playing. This is not good for your health and definitely won’t do any good when playing basketball.

Besides that, there is other stuff worth mentioning as well. Eating regularly 3-5 times a day is essential because you will need a lot of protein in order for your muscles to grow and become more agile. We all know that people that play basketball tend to grow a few inches, but if you are a youngster, you will need a lot of protein if you want to maintain a healthy diet while playing basketball.

4) Practice Your Dribble

practice drible

Dribble is absolutely one of the most important things in basketball. You will need a lot of patience and practice in order to be a good dribbler in basketball. Anyhow, the thing is that everyone can easily dribble with their dominant hand. This means that there are some moves in basketball that are easy to do with your dominant hand.

However, the struggle begins when you have to switch hands and focus on the other one. This is quite important to master since you will need both hands in order to play basketball like a good player. Anyhow, a good thing to do in this manner is to start dribbling with your dominant hand and then switching to the other hand. All you need to do is to practice hard and everything will be just fine.

5) Practice Shooting and Throwing

practice shooting

Shooting and throwing are, besides dribbling, quite important for basketball. It doesn’t matter if you are fast or strong when you can’t score. Therefore, shooting is definitely the most important thing to practice when starting to play basketball as a beginner.

Also, you will become quite a good and valuable player if you can score a point from distance. It is quite important to practice shooting if you want to play basketball like a professional. Anyhow, you can start shooting free throws in the beginning. Then, take a step back and start shooting three points.

Only after that, it is recommendable to mix dribble and shooting from half-distance. This way of practice is essential for every basketball player. Also, shooting from a big distance will make you a better player in no time.

Bowling is another cool indoor game for enhancing your shooting and throwing skills. If you find going outside for basketball shooting is difficult for some reason, you can go for an indoor game like bowling. However, you should not go cheap in buying a bowling ball. Find some outstanding bowling balls for a hook here.

6) Use Medicine Ball for Passing

medicine ball

One of the ways to practice passing is to use a medicine ball. This ball is very heavy and it will make your muscles stronger. Therefore, you will have more accurate and faster passing when it comes to basketball. Practicing with a heavier ball surely will help in other fields as well.

When it comes to shooting, you will have more power and accuracy to get some ‘’hard to point’’ shots. Also, the medicine ball will help you with your back muscles and shoulders, not only your arms will get stronger. This means that you will have more strength to endure close contact with other players.

7) Jogging Helps


One of the best ways to stay in a good shape while playing basketball is to start jogging in your free time. Jogging will definitely boost your stamina and endurance during the game. We all know that basketball is a very demanding sport, and therefore, you will need to give 100% to stay in a good shape and become a good basketball player.

You can also start cycling or swimming if you like it more than jogging, but the important thing is to stay in a good shape. Being in a good shape in a combination with a healthy diet will make you become much stronger and better at basketball.

8) Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Last but not the least, playing basketball should be fun and interesting. There is no need to push your limits to the maximum and risk injuring yourself. This is a fun sport to play with your friends and to practice at home.

All the practice and effort put in the game is basically worthless unless you have fun doing it. Therefore, make sure to have as much fun as while playing basketball. Also, there are lots of other mini-games that you can play while playing basketball. For example, try scoring 3 times in a row.


In the light of everything we said above as the basic guide for basketball beginners, basketball is a great sport to start playing, no matter the age. If you happen to be younger, this guide will definitely be out of help. On the other hand, if you want to play basketball for fun, you can also find useful information in this guide.

All in all, basketball surely is a fun game to play with your friends and it really is worth every minute you spend on it. Make sure to do all these steps that we discussed since it is quite important to get ready for basketball, or else, you could get injured.

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