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Owners of TeamSportsMania SiteWe at TeamSportsMania write reviews on different gears and equipment of sports like Basketball, Soccer, and Tennis at the moment. We have the plan to expand our site in the future by covering more sports. But right now, we don’t have the expertise other than the three sports we have mentioned above.

We not only review items but also write blog posts on several tutorials and cover other issues like latest news, etc on different sports that we listed above.

While we are reviewing items, our main objective is NOT to force you into buying anything. This site is not a sales pitch of any brand or model. What we simply try to do is help you find the right product after getting knowledge on it. That’s why we write both the pros and cons of a particular product to educate you properly.

Are we biased or paid by the brands we reviewed? Absolutely NO! We are not paid by any brand to keep their product on our list, neither we are biased to any of the brand. We simply consider the popularity, user acceptance, usability based on our experimental criteria into our consideration while choosing products. Then we provide you the test result of the real user of the products. But yes, if you buy any of the product from Amazon , we get commission.

Each of our post including the tutorial, other blog posts, and reviews are done by the experts on that particular sports.

For any queries please email us at teamsportsmania@gmail.com, or fill up our contact form.

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