About Us

John Lochert

We at TeamSportsMania write detailed reviews on different types of gear and equipment for sports like Basketball, Soccer, and Tennis at the moment. We have plans to expand our site in the future by covering more sports. But right now, our passion and expertise are focused on bringing you the best information we can about these popular team sports.

We are dedicated to providing detailed reviews of the best products available on the market so you can make an informed decision before buying anything.

We also provide tips and tricks to help enhance your performance while playing a sport with our product recommendations as well as informative articles about various aspects related to sports gear & equipment.

While we are reviewing items, our main objective is NOT to force you into buying anything. This site is not a sales pitch focused on any particular brand or model. What we simply try to do is help you find the right product after providing you with the right information about the options available. That’s why we include what we like and what we don’t like about each product we review.

Are we biased or paid by the brands we reviewed? Absolutely NOT! We are not paid by any brand to keep their product on our list, neither are we biased to any of the brands. We simply consider the popularity, user acceptance, and usability based on the criteria we use to assess each product. We have personal experience with many of the products we discuss but use other experts and actual real user reviews to provide you with the test results. But yes, if you buy any of the products from Amazon, we get a commission but that has no effect on the price that you pay and helps us to create more useful information.

For any queries please contact us using our contact form.